To put me in a paragraph is simply this: I do what I love and love what I do. My time matters most to me and so whether it's mentoring someone, travelling somewhere or working on a great product, I do it with diligence and purpose. I take pride in the products I have the privilege of working on and am looking to continue doing that amongst the joys of living life, staying fresh and doing the things I love.


years of experience

I work with very large corporations all the way down to seed-round startups and everything in between.



As a consultant and contractor for most of my career I've had the pleasure of working with a number of amazing companies and on some awesome projects.

2003 to2008

I began my career building designing products for education which helped teachers visualize their curriculum online which for some was the first time whole courses were even being taught online. I also built my own agency and worked for my first startup during this time, and then dabbled on the software side working at Fedex as an integration consultant for their business shipping products.


2009 to2014

Moved to Italy this year and took some time off. I freelanced during my time there on a few design projects for a few small Italian business owners. After coming back to the states a year later, I again worked for another startup along with a tele-health company and then returned to building education products at Pearson Education.



I probably grew the most within this time-span as I worked with a number of startups, a design agency in Seattle and 3 larger corporations all in more senior and leadership roles which included Lifelock, American Express, Substantial and Facebook which gave me a well-versed set of product design skills both in practice and in leadership that will of course be used as I move forward into other opportunities now and into the future.


There's more to come....